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On Location hunting guide

With his many years of experience, Thor Kirchner will ensure a world-class hunting safari.

About Thor

Thor, born in Zambia, has spent most of his life there. Since 2007, he has dedicated himself as a professional big game hunter, earning outstanding reputation and trust from his safari guests. With impressive knowledge of Southern Africa, Thor offers unparalleled insight into the region. Having lived in Denmark for 11 years, from ages 10 to 21, and now as a Danish citizen, Thor understands the Danish mentality and knows the preferences of Europeans. With significant experience in meeting the demands of customers seeking the best, Thor has learned the importance of considering every detail, understanding that each element plays a role."

Nak & Æd chose wisely

Many have seen on DR that the popular TV show 'Nak & Æd' has been to Zambia, recording 6 episodes with Thor at Munyamadzi. They've covered Impala, Bushbuck, Hippopotamus, Puku, Crocodile, and Baboon. They achieved success with all the animals. The episode featuring the hippopotamus is considered the best episode ever by Nak & Æd.

100% sustainable hunting

In an era marked by intense debate on trophy hunting, it's crucial to defend the sustainability of the hunting experience. Minga Adventures embraces sustainable hunting, standing out as one of the few hunting travel agencies exclusively offering trips to areas with 100% free-range and sustainable hunting. By choosing Minga Adventures, you can rest assured that your hunting journey is rooted in sustainability.